Middlesex v Glamorgan, South Group, One-Day Cup

One-Day Cup , May 05, 2019
*289/5 (47.3)
285/10 (49.4)
Middx won by 5 wickets
Glamorgan inningGlam inn.285/10 (49.4 ov)
Jeremy Lawlorc JA Simpson b NA Sowter38445086.36
c JA Simpson b NA Sowter
David Lloydc NA Sowter b TS Roland-Jones9820112.50
c NA Sowter b TS Roland-Jones
Chris Cooke (WK/C)c R Taylor b TS Roland-Jones46545085.18
c R Taylor b TS Roland-Jones
Marnus Labuschagneb SD Robson16251064.00
b SD Robson
Billy Rootc & b NA Sowter37384097.36
c & b NA Sowter
Charlie Hemphreyc SD Robson b TG Helm8781102107.40
c SD Robson b TG Helm
Daniel Douthwaitest JA Simpson b NA Sowter01000.00
st JA Simpson b NA Sowter
Graham Wagglbw b NA Sowter12191063.15
lbw b NA Sowter
Marchant de Langec NA Sowter b TS Roland-Jones670085.71
c NA Sowter b TS Roland-Jones
Lukas Careyc GFB Scott b JAR Harris13162081.25
c GFB Scott b JAR Harris
Timm van der GugtenNot out560083.33
Not out
Extra16 (b 0, w 12, nb 2, lb 2)
Total285/10 (49.4)
Toby Roland-Jones1014634.60
Tom Helm1005915.90
James Harris9.405916.10
George Scott402506.25
Nathan Sowter1005845.80
Max Holden10909.00
Sam Robson502715.40
Fall of wickets: 1-12 (DL Lloyd - 2.1 ov), 2-83 (JL Lawlor - 14.3 ov), 3-116 (M Labuschagne - 21.3 ov), 4-116 (CB Cooke - 22.2 ov), 5-196 (WT Root - 35.5 ov), 6-196 (DA Douthwaite - 35.6 ov), 7-238 (GG Wagg - 43.3 ov), 8-260 (M de Lange - 45.4 ov), 9-265 (CR Hemphrey - 46.2 ov), 10-285 (LJ Carey - 49.4 ov)
Middlesex inningMiddx inn.289/5 (47.3 ov)
Sam Robsonst CB Cooke b WT Root79918186.81
st CB Cooke b WT Root
Max Holdenc CB Cooke b M de Lange07000.00
c CB Cooke b M de Lange
Nick Gubbinsc M de Lange b WT Root9291120101.09
c M de Lange b WT Root
Ross Taylorc CB Cooke b M Labuschagne230066.66
c CB Cooke b M Labuschagne
Stevie Eskinazi (C)Not out715890122.41
Not out
John Simpson (WK)c WT Root b M Labuschagne16171094.11
c WT Root b M Labuschagne
George ScottNot out17181094.44
Not out
Extra12 (b 0, w 10, nb 0, lb 2)
Total289/5 (47.3)
Lukas Carey1005005.00
Marchant de Lange704616.57
Graham Wagg804906.12
Timm van der Gugten6.304907.53
Marnus Labuschagne1005725.70
Billy Root603626.00
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (MDE Holden - 1.3 ov), 2-149 (SD Robson - 25.5 ov), 3-152 (R Taylor - 26.3 ov), 4-216 (NRT Gubbins - 37.2 ov), 5-236 (JA Simpson - 41.3 ov)
Man of the Match
Match Details
2019-05-05 10:00 AM
Lord's, London
Middlesex won the toss & elected to field
  • Peter Hartley
  • Steve O'Shaughnessy
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    Match Referee