Somerset v Surrey, South Group, One-Day Cup

One-Day Cup , May 07, 2019
*292/5 (45.4)
289/9 (50)
Somst won by 5 wickets
Surrey inningSurr inn.289/9 (50 ov)
Mark Stonemanc T Banton b JH Davey121110109.09
c T Banton b JH Davey
Will Jacksc GA Bartlett b J Overton17303056.66
c GA Bartlett b J Overton
Dean Elgarc T Banton b C Overton64774283.11
c T Banton b C Overton
Rory Burns (C)st T Banton b RE van der Merwe22320168.75
st T Banton b RE van der Merwe
Ben Foakes (WK)c C Overton b J Overton46473197.87
c C Overton b J Overton
Jamie Smithc Azhar Ali b J Overton40414197.56
c Azhar Ali b J Overton
Jordan Clarkc RE van der Merwe b C Overton211920110.52
c RE van der Merwe b C Overton
Ryan PatelNot out413212128.12
Not out
Stuart Meakerc RE van der Merwe b C Overton340075.00
c RE van der Merwe b C Overton
Conor McKerrc T Banton b J Overton561083.33
c T Banton b J Overton
Gareth BattyNot out2200100.00
Not out
Extra16 (b 5, w 8, nb 2, lb 1)
Total289/9 (50)
Josh Davey803714.62
Craig Overton1004834.80
Jamie Overton906447.11
Lewis Gregory1007007.00
Roelof van der Merwe1004514.50
Azhar Ali301906.33
Fall of wickets: 1-18 (MD Stoneman - 4.1 ov), 2-52 (WG Jacks - 11.5 ov), 3-113 (RJ Burns - 22.3 ov), 4-129 (D Elgar - 25.5 ov), 5-198 (BT Foakes - 38.1 ov), 6-218 (JL Smith - 40.2 ov), 7-246 (J Clark - 44.4 ov), 8-256 (SC Meaker - 46.3 ov), 9-276 (C McKerr - 48.5 ov)
Somerset inningSomst inn.292/5 (45.4 ov)
Tom Banton (WK)c MD Stoneman b GJ Batty53615186.88
c MD Stoneman b GJ Batty
Azhar Alic R Patel b C McKerr240050.00
c R Patel b C McKerr
Peter Tregob C McKerr161630100.00
b C McKerr
James Hildrethc SC Meaker b J Clark9389111104.49
c SC Meaker b J Clark
Tom Abell (C)c & b C McKerr25302083.33
c & b C McKerr
George BartlettNot out575241109.61
Not out
Lewis GregoryNot out362304156.52
Not out
Extra10 (b 0, w 6, nb 2, lb 2)
Total292/5 (45.4)
Conor McKerr9.415635.79
Stuart Meaker805506.87
Jordan Clark805917.37
Gareth Batty1004714.70
Ryan Patel201708.50
Dean Elgar805607.00
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Azhar Ali - 2.1 ov), 2-41 (PD Trego - 8.3 ov), 3-98 (T Banton - 17.1 ov), 4-152 (TB Abell - 27.2 ov), 5-223 (JC Hildreth - 38.2 ov)
Man of the Match
Match Details
2019-05-07 12:00 PM
The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
Somerset won the toss & elected to field
  • Martin Saggers
  • Russell Warren
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee